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Europe’s “Maginato” Complex

By admin (17-04-2017)

A lasting conversion of President Trump to NATO will be difficult to achieve – and it will not suffice to defend Europe’s interests. (suite…)

The US and China between dependence and rivalry

By admin (10-04-2017)

One should not be surprised at the tensions between China and the US. An emerging power will always engender suspicion on the part of the existing superpower. (suite…)

The Counterterrorism Yearbook 2017: Europe

By admin (06-04-2017)

2016 proved to be a busy year for CT in Europe as the number of jihadi-related attacks increased and the nature of the threat evolved, with most plots involving ‘home grown’ radicalised individuals, as opposed to foreign fighters. (suite…)

Two-Speed Europe: Yes, But

By admin (06-04-2017)

Yes to a two-speed Europe if that is the only way to deepen integration, but this does entail some risks.

A Dutch version of this article was published on the website of De Morgen. (suite…)

EU-China co-operation in global governance: going beyond the conceptual gap

By admin (05-04-2017)

This Egmont paper aims to identify ways of overcoming the deadlock that often characterises EU-China co-operation in multilateral institutions and processes due to their differing interpretations of global governance. The paper draws on the perspectives of four Chinese experts of EU-China relations, (suite…)

Europe and the great powers: playing our Trump cards

By admin (04-04-2017)

On the eve of Donald Trump’s meeting with Xi Jinping, we are all holding our breath. But should we rather not be proactive, using Europe’s diplomatic and economic power to further our interests in China, Asia and the neigbourhood. Where should a creative and ambitious Grand Strategy position Europe in between Trump, Xi and Putin? (suite…)

How the EU can save NATO

By admin (29-03-2017)

The European Union can save NATO. It really can. Trust me.

(Photo credit: Pixabay)

Geopolitical influences on the future of Renminbi

By admin (23-03-2017)

The Chinese government has made great strides in its ambition to turn the Renminbi into a global reserve currency. The importance of Europe to China’s economy is unquestionable, so Brexit is an unwelcomed event. China’s resolve to reduce its US Dollar exposure has intensified following (suite…)

Terrorism and counterterrorism in continental Europe

By admin (21-03-2017)

One year after the Brussels attacks, this publication reviews the major developments that have occurred in terrorism and counterterrorism in Europe in 2016. (suite…)

Brussels attacks one year on: More still needs to be done

By admin (14-03-2017)

Belgium has accomplished much since last year’s devastating terrorist attacks – the worst in its history. But the threats continue, and new security vulnerabilities are becoming apparent.

This article was first published in www.rusi.org (suite…)