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European Economic Diplomacy: what role for the EIB?

By admin (23-06-2017)

Led by the European Commission and the European External Action Service, European economic diplomacy is in the making. This exercise requires a strengthened co-ordination not only between the EU and its member states but also with the (suite…)

A jihadi threat in mutation?

By admin (23-06-2017)

The latest attacks in Europe (London, Manchester, Paris, Brussels) were committed by homegrown terrorists, who radicalized in Europe. While this is now perceived as a growing and new type of threat, it is not. Homegrown terrorist attacks are the norm, not the exception.


Trans-Atlantic Security: four imperatives for NATO

By admin (05-06-2017)

Following up on Egmont’s joint event with the German Marshall Fund the day before the NATO Special Meeting in Brussels of 25 May, Chris Lombardi outlines his recipes for the future of the Alliance. (suite…)

The European Investment Bank: an overlooked (f)actor in EU external action?

By admin (02-06-2017)

This Egmont paper aims to 1) explore the extent to which the EIB already delivers, through its operations outside the Union, on the priorities guiding EU external action and 2) to identify ways in which the potential of the EIB as a multiplier of EU external action could be exploited in a better manner. The paper concludes with recommendations aimed at maximising (suite…)

EU-South Korea security relations: The current state of play

By admin (30-05-2017)

The EU and South Korea both face challenging circumstances in the domestic and international arenas. The EU is focused on Eurozone instability, terrorism, political extremism, revisionist Russia, and crises in the MENA. South Korea, under the new, center-left presidency of Moon Jae In, is fighting to emerge from political corruption, economic malaise, (suite…)

Trump First

By admin (29-05-2017)

America first, or Trump first? For us Europeans it should in any case be Europe first. (suite…)

The EU in the AIIB: taming China’s influence from within

By admin (24-05-2017)

With the recent approval of the membership request of Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Ireland and Romania, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) will soon count 20 EU countries among its members. But how could the EU make the most of this presence in the bank? Apart from direct business opportunities for its private sector, there are strategic, (suite…)

A Court in Crisis? The ICC in Africa, and Beyond

By admin (18-05-2017)

The atmosphere of crisis surrounding the International Criminal Court (ICC) seems to be slowly dissipating after Gambia and South Africa revoked their notices of withdrawal from the Court in February and March 2017 respectively. (suite…)

Strategic autonomy and EU-NATO cooperation: squaring the circle

By admin (10-05-2017)

Since the publication of the European Union Global Strategy (EUGS) in June 2016, there have been innumerable calls for the re-launch of the EU’s much misunderstood Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). One can call this CSDP-redux. What is the objective behind this renewed energy? (suite…)

Maritime Security: Belgium’s interests and options

By admin (27-04-2017)

As a trading nation with a strong maritime tradition (half of its trade is seaborne), a self-styled champion of regional integration, a proponent of the rule of law, and a pioneer in naval “pooling and sharing” practices, (suite…)