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Studia Diplomatica

Vol. LXV, Issue 4 (2012)

By (26-11-2012)

In Studia Diplomatica

-European External Action Service: towards the 2013 review, Hylke Dijkstra
-High level representation, Marc Franco
-The high-level representation of the EU in the G20, Juha Jokela
-Reviewing the EU’s crisis management procedures, Alexander Mattelaer
-The European Union as a conflict manager. Perspectives after the Lisbon treaty, Monica Oproiu
-Transmission of policital-military information in advanced education. The examples of the European security and defence college and the NATO Defence College, Sylvain Paile
-Russia and the forging of memory and identity in Europe, Marco Siddi
-The making of a constructivist relationship between the European Union and Australia, Gyula Toth

Vol. LXV, Issue 3 (2012)

By (23-09-2012)

In Studia Diplomatica

– EU trade policy and the European Security Strategy. Speaking the same language in different worlds, Jan Orbie, Lotte Drieghe and Fabienne Bossuyt
– A « force for good »? External images of the European Union in Russian Political Discourse, Irina Khayrizamanova – The Europeanisation of contested statehood? European Union in Kosovo and the Turkish-Cypriot administration, George Kyris
– The EU’s security policy towards China: a liberal-relational approach to hard security issues, Martin Renner
– The Arab revolutions: the people versus the regimes and the regimes against one another, Brigitte Herremans
– A case of paradiplomacy? Italian-Libyan diplomatic relations from the rise to power of Gaddafi tull the beginning of the « Arab Spring », Valentina Colafrancesco

Vol. LXV, Issue 2 (2012): The Quest for Convergence

By (23-06-2012)

In Studia Diplomatica

-The quest for convergence. Policy transfer in an interconnected world, Nienke de Deugd and Gerda van Roozendaal
-Is the European Union capable of leadership in global climate change politics?, Menno R. Kamminga Read more

Vol. LXV, Issue 1 (2012): The European Security System Revisited

By (02-02-2012)

In Studia Diplomatica

– The European Security System Revisited: EU-Russia relations, Margriet Drent
– The European Security System as seen from Moscow, Dmitry Danilov
– German-Russian relations. A Pan-European mission as national interest, Hans-Joachim Spanger
NATO’s network. On the purpose and challenge of Partnerships, Sten Rynning
– Variable Geometry – Where could it lead?, Gunilla Herolf
– Integration, security and the European Neighbourhood. The importance of the ENP as a Security Policy Instrument,
Pernille Rieker
– Eastward Bound? Options and limitations in the EU’s Eastern Dimension, Geir Flikke
– Russian Energy as a challenge and a Bonus for European Security. The Caspian-Black Sea Avenue, Pavel K. Baev Read more

Vol. LXIV, Issue 4 (2011): The European Union and Economic governance

By Jacques Keller-Noëllet, Marc Lepoivre, Stijn Verhelst, Various authors (20-12-2011)

In Studia Diplomatica

Preface, Philippe de Schoutheete
– Introduction, Marc Lepoivre, Jacques Keller-Noëllet and Stijn Verhelst
– Chapter I. Economic governance: ambitions and ambiguities, Jacques Keller-Noëllet
– Chapter II. Governance by norms: caught between smart and simple rules, Stijn Verhelst
– Chapter III. « Incentive » governance: a key component of a future European economic government, Jim Cloos
– Chapter IV. The « enforcement » of economic governance, Jean-Victor Louis
– Chapter V. Economic governance and solidarity: a complex relationship, Petr Blizkovsky
– Chapter VI. Global economic governance and the EU’s external action, Maria João Rodrigues
Conclusion, Marc Lepoivre, Jacques Keller-Noëllet and Stijn Verhelst


Vol. LXIV, Issue 3 (2011) : The European Union and Economic governance

By Various authors (24-07-2011)

In Studia Diplomatica

Introduction, Thomas Renard and Tanguy Struye de Swielande
– China and the South China Sea: a new security dilemma?, Tanguy Struye de Swielande
– Australia rising to the Chinese challenge, Bruno Hellendorff
– Indonesia’s changing regional role: relations with ASEAN and China, Shada Islam
– Geopolitics and nuclear weapons. North Korean provocations as a tool for regime survival, Sico van der Meer
– The sustainability of the US military presence in East Asia, Frans-Paul van der Putten
– The changing roles of Japan and China towards ASEAN’s economy. Beyond the flying-geese model?, Lurong Chen, Philippe De Lombaerde and Nishalini Nair
– Defining Europe’s strategic interests in Asia. State of things and challenges ahead, Michito Tsuruoka
– The value of the Asia-Europe meeting, Amb. Bertrand de Crombrugghe


Vol. LXIV, Issue 2 (2011)

By Various authors (24-04-2011)

In Studia Diplomatica

– The EU’s comprehensive approach to security: a culture of co-ordination?, Magriet Drent
– The EU, NATO and the Lisbon Treaty: still divided within a common city, Simon Duke
– Of sirens and deceptive virtue. A critical look at NATO’s comprehensive approach, Sten Rynning
– The operational challenges to the comprehensive approach: ending the international involvement in Afghanistan, Peter Dahl Thruelsen
– Policy transfer between the European Union and Ukraine, Nienke de Deugd
– The long road to the entrenchment of human rights in China, Cedric Ryngaert

Vol. LXIV, Issue1 (2011)

By Various authors (24-02-2011)

In Studia Diplomatica

– A Strategy for CSDP, Sven Biscop and Jo Coelmont
– The EU Battlegroups: options for the future, Gustav Lindstrom
– EU Strategy, CSDP and the European Space Programme, Michael Sheehan
– CSDP Military Ambitions and Potentials: do we know what we have?, Gabor Horvath
– European capability development: a must, Dick Zandee
– Critical infrastructure protection at the European level, Bart Smedts
– The OSCE in 2010, between survival and revival, Geneviève Renaux Read more

Vol. LXIII, Issue 3/4 (2010): The European Union in international affairs 2010

By Various authors (24-10-2010)

In Studia Diplomatica

Preface, Sven Biscop
– EU, China and the environmental challenge in Africa. A case study from timber industry in Gabon, Serena Belligoli
– The Common commercial policy and political conditionality: « normative power Europe » through trade?, Sieglinde Gstöhl
– The quest for a single voice in EU foreign energy policy: a framing theory approach, Sonia Florian
– EURORECAMP, an alternative model for EU security actorness, Toni Haastrup
– Less than the sum of its parts. The CSDP capability gap and prospects of EU military integration, Nicolai von Ondarza
– EU interregionalism: hub-and-spokes or a world of regions? The case of relations with SADC and Mercosur, Frank Mattheis
– Workers and case-law as vehicles of the European Hegemon, Thomas Burri Read more

Vol. LXIII, Issue 2(2010): The Future of the G8 and G20

By Various authors (24-06-2010)

In Studia Diplomatica

Introduction: The G8 and G20 in flux, under the skillful presidency of Canada and Korea, Dries Lesage
– G20: towards a new world order, Thomas Renard
– The G8-G20 partnership, John Kirton
– From Toronto to Seoul: evolution of the G20 process, Dong-Kwi Lee
– The G8, G20 and multilateral organizations: cooperating and collaborating, Jenilee Guebert
– The United States and the G20, Thomas Wright
– Is it G8 or G20? For Russia, of course, it’s both, Marina Larionova
– G20 for Global Governance: lessons from G8 outreach, Andrew F. Cooper and Agata Antkiewicz Read more