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Security Policy Briefs

Geopolitical influences on the future of Renminbi

By John Ryan (23-03-2017)

In Security Policy Briefs

The Chinese government has made great strides in its ambition to turn the Renminbi into a global reserve currency. The importance of Europe to China’s economy is unquestionable, so Brexit is an unwelcomed event. China’s resolve to reduce its US Dollar exposure has intensified following Read more

Core Groups: The way to real European defence

By Dick Zandee (20-02-2017)

In Security Policy Briefs

Continuing the series of contributions from the speakers at the 6-7 February Egmont – Raytheon event on « The European Defence of Europe », Egmont publishes a policy brief by our Clingendael colleague Dick Zandee.
European countries continue to have different political views Read more

Permanent Sovereign COoperation (PESCO) to underpin the EU Global Strategy

By Jo Coelmont (13-12-2016)

In Security Policy Briefs

The EU now has a full-fledged Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy – and defence. Just in time. The EUGS includes a clear political level of ambition as well as a call to define the corresponding military level of ambition and the required capabilities. The list of strategic military shortfalls, Read more

Has Trump reshuffled the cards for Europe?

By Sven Biscop (21-11-2016)

In Security Policy Briefs

“I think NATO may be obsolete”. When Donald Trump, the next President of the United States, spoke these words during the campaign, he most likely had only a vague idea of how he would act upon them. But one thing is certain: if he made the statement, it is Read more

The EU Global Strategy and Defence: The challenge of thinking strategically about means

By Jo Coelmont, Sven Biscop (03-10-2016)

In Security Policy Briefs

Since strategy is about connecting ends, ways and means, the means constrain the ends. Read more

Fear Not: a critical perspective on the terrorist threat in Europe

By Thomas Renard (09-09-2016)

In Security Policy Briefs

Over the past few months, Europe has been struck by a number of terrorist attacks. In the media, in political discourse, in our daily lives, terrorism is now perceived as being omnipresent. A certain form of collective psychosis is developing within the population, which is perhaps more insidious and dangerous than Read more

The EU Global Strategy: from effective multilateralism to global governance that works?

By Balazs Ujvari (08-07-2016)

In Security Policy Briefs

Delivering effective global governance is amongst the five priorities of the European Union Global Strategy (EUGS). After its modest success in promoting its ‘effective multilateralism’ doctrine and rendering the world like itself, the European Union (EU)’s approach to global governance Read more

The EU Global Strategy: realpolitik with European characteristics

By Sven Biscop (29-06-2016)

In Security Policy Briefs

On 28 June 2016 High Representative Federica Mogherini presented the Global Strategy for the European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy (EUGS) to the European Council. Many pundits will present it as another example of Brussels’ otherworldliness to table an external strategy just a few Read more

The Iran nuclear deal: the Iranian and US domestic factors that put its implementation at risk

By Astrid Viaud (14-06-2016)

In Security Policy Briefs

The Iran nuclear deal with E3+3 and P5+1 is not without its detractors. The Iranian Conservative Party, the US Republican Party and Israel disapprove. This policy brief aims to understand the Iranian and US domestic factors that could challenge the implementation of the deal. The 15-year implementation process is likely to be affected by the state-centric Constitution Read more

The UK’s foreign and security policy: what’s at stake in the referendum?

By Richard Whitman (18-05-2016)

In Security Policy Briefs

Foreign and security policy was not an area in which Prime Minister Cameron sought to alter the relationship between the UK and the European Union (EU) in renegotiating the terms of Britain’s membership. However, security has become a key theme in the referendum debate. The airport and metro Read more