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Security Policy Briefs

European Economic Diplomacy: what role for the EIB?

By Balazs Ujvari (23-06-2017)

In Security Policy Briefs

Led by the European Commission and the European External Action Service, European economic diplomacy is in the making. This exercise requires a strengthened co-ordination not only between the EU and its member states but also with the Read more

EU-South Korea security relations: The current state of play

By Mason Richey (30-05-2017)

In Security Policy Briefs

The EU and South Korea both face challenging circumstances in the domestic and international arenas. The EU is focused on Eurozone instability, terrorism, political extremism, revisionist Russia, and crises in the MENA. South Korea, under the new, center-left presidency of Moon Jae In, is fighting to emerge from political corruption, economic malaise, Read more

The EU in the AIIB: taming China’s influence from within

By Balazs Ujvari, Fleur Huijskens, Richard Turcsanyi (24-05-2017)

In Security Policy Briefs

With the recent approval of the membership request of Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Ireland and Romania, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) will soon count 20 EU countries among its members. But how could the EU make the most of this presence in the bank? Apart from direct business opportunities for its private sector, there are strategic, Read more

Strategic autonomy and EU-NATO cooperation: squaring the circle

By Jolyon Howorth (10-05-2017)

In Security Policy Briefs

Since the publication of the European Union Global Strategy (EUGS) in June 2016, there have been innumerable calls for the re-launch of the EU’s much misunderstood Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). One can call this CSDP-redux. What is the objective behind this renewed energy? Read more

Europe and the great powers: playing our Trump cards

By Sven Biscop (04-04-2017)

In Security Policy Briefs

On the eve of Donald Trump’s meeting with Xi Jinping, we are all holding our breath. But should we rather not be proactive, using Europe’s diplomatic and economic power to further our interests in China, Asia and the neigbourhood. Where should a creative and ambitious Grand Strategy position Europe in between Trump, Xi and Putin? Read more

How the EU can save NATO

By Sven Biscop (29-03-2017)

In Security Policy Briefs

The European Union can save NATO. It really can. Trust me.

(Photo credit: Pixabay)

Geopolitical influences on the future of Renminbi

By John Ryan (23-03-2017)

In Security Policy Briefs

The Chinese government has made great strides in its ambition to turn the Renminbi into a global reserve currency. The importance of Europe to China’s economy is unquestionable, so Brexit is an unwelcomed event. China’s resolve to reduce its US Dollar exposure has intensified following Read more

Core Groups: The way to real European defence

By Dick Zandee (20-02-2017)

In Security Policy Briefs

Continuing the series of contributions from the speakers at the 6-7 February Egmont – Raytheon event on « The European Defence of Europe », Egmont publishes a policy brief by our Clingendael colleague Dick Zandee.
European countries continue to have different political views Read more

Permanent Sovereign COoperation (PESCO) to underpin the EU Global Strategy

By Jo Coelmont (13-12-2016)

In Security Policy Briefs

The EU now has a full-fledged Global Strategy for Foreign and Security Policy – and defence. Just in time. The EUGS includes a clear political level of ambition as well as a call to define the corresponding military level of ambition and the required capabilities. The list of strategic military shortfalls, Read more

Has Trump reshuffled the cards for Europe?

By Sven Biscop (21-11-2016)

In Security Policy Briefs

“I think NATO may be obsolete”. When Donald Trump, the next President of the United States, spoke these words during the campaign, he most likely had only a vague idea of how he would act upon them. But one thing is certain: if he made the statement, it is Read more