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Facing the fourth foreign fighters wave. What drives Europeans to Syria, and to Islamic state? Insights from the Belgian case

By Rik Coolsaet (01-03-2016)

In Egmont papers

Thousands of young Europeans have gone to fight in the Levant, the fourth wave of jihadi foreign fighters since the 1980s. Their decision is rooted in a ‘no future’ subculture and boosted by the conviction that by traveling to Syria they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Read more

The rise of capacity mechanisms: are they inevitable in the European Union?

By Tania Zgajewski (05-10-2015)

In Egmont papers

These last years, in multiple Member States, the electricity markets have seen the rapid emergence of Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms (CRMs). They are meant to guarantee the stability of the electricity system in a more uncertain context. Read more

The Common Security and Defence Policy: national perspectives

By Various authors (19-05-2015)

In Egmont papers

When one looks at the present state of the CSDP, one cannot help but look on with disenchantment”, states Pierre Vimont in his foreword to this collective Egmont Paper, edited by Daniel Fiott. And yet: from the essays assembled here, one Read more

The energy performance of buildings: promises still unfulfilled

By Tania Zgajewski (23-04-2015)

In Egmont papers

Energy-consuming buildings have to disappear from the European building stock. Improving their energy performance is thus pivotal and the EU has been active in this domain Read more

The dangers and inanity of (euro-)nationalism. From communitarianism to cosmopolitanism

By Sophie Heine (20-04-2015)

In Egmont papers

In the middle of a multifaceted crisis, secure identities often seem like easy and comforting responses. This paper takes a different stance: it contests the very common communitarian postulate according to which a shared identity is Read more

The EU’s fourth railway package: a new stop in a long regulatory journey

By Benedetta Marsicola, Franklin Dehousse (13-04-2015)

In Egmont papers

Railway policy has been one of the slowest areas of European integration. The first substantial railway directive was only issued in 1991, and the First Railway Package in 2001. There have already been three legislative packages Read more

What drives Europeans to Syria, and to IS? Insights from the Belgian case

By Rik Coolsaet (11-03-2015)

In Egmont papers

A year ago, IS (also known as Daesh) announced the establishment of a new ‘caliphate’. Egmont has the pleasure of presenting the updated edition of Rik Coolsaet’s Egmont Paper What drives Europeans tot Syria – and to IS ? (first published in March). It contains the latest official Read more

Smart electricity grids: A very slow deployment in the EU

By Tania Zgajewski (10-03-2015)

In Egmont papers

The European electricity sector will have to deal with a huge challenge in the decades to come. On the one hand, electrical power is increasingly substituted for other forms of energy.

Read more

The nuclear safety framework in the European Union after Fukushima

By Didier Verhoeven, Franklin Dehousse (22-12-2014)

In Egmont papers

On 11 March 2011, a devastating earthquake struck Japan and caused a major nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. The disaster confirmed that nuclear reactors must be protected even against accidents that have been assessed  Read more

America’s global defence predicament – Why the Asia ‘rebalancing’ has little significance for European security

By Jeffrey H. Michaels (09-12-2014)

In Egmont papers

This paper argues that the Obama Administration’s Asia ‘pivot’ or ‘rebalancing’ is mainly a rhetorical construct that has very little substantive effect on US security policy. In contrast to the widely held belief that a renewed emphasis on Asia would Read more