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Three blows for the Kenyatta government

By Jean-Christophe Hoste (02-02-2017)

In Commentaries

It was not a good week for the Kenyatta government. Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed’s campaign for the African Union Commission Chair did not pay off, Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) failed to withstand another Al-Shabaab attack, and corruption has risen despite policies that promised the contrary. Read more

Europe’s post-Brexit retrenchment

By Alexander Mattelaer (30-01-2017)

In Commentaries

After many years of British advocacy of an outward-oriented EU, the prospect of Brexit threatens to leave the continent more introspective and less engaged in world affairs than ever before. Yet there may be a silver lining: the coming period of retrenchment may serve both the UK and the EU as a painful but educational reminder of the importance of European Read more

What if Mrs May had a strategy for Brexit, and her divided opponents had not?

By Franklin Dehousse (17-01-2017)

In Commentaries

A few observers objected to my presentation of the Brexit negotiation as finally not so complex. As a matter of fact, the thesis was that this negotiation would have some complex aspects, but far from other well known episodes. In my eye, until now, the main problem lies with the approach rather than Read more

The new EU energy package : towards more decarbonization and more complexity

By Franklin Dehousse (13-01-2017)

In Commentaries

In December 2016, the European Commission has presented a new package (entitled “Clean Energy for all Europeans”). This more or less completed the legislative program announced in 2014 in the framework of the Energy Union. Read more

European defence after Brexit: Flying on one engine?

By Sven Biscop (11-01-2017)

In Commentaries

Come midnight on the eve of Brexit, British tanks will not turn into pumpkins, nor battleships into watermelons. But will Britain still play an active role in security and defence when its leadership is absorbed by the Brexit negotiations? And if not the Franco-British axis, who then will drive Europe’s military engagement? Read more

Optimism and rearmament

By Sven Biscop (06-01-2017)

In Commentaries

At the start of the new year, Sven Biscop desperately tries to remain optimistic.

This article also appeared in a Dutch version in De Morgen on 27 December 2016 Read more

Congo’s political crisis after 19 December

By Koen Vlassenroot, Kris Berwouts (21-12-2016)

In Commentaries

Protests and arrests have been centred on the Democratic Republic of Congo’s major cities, but we should also pay attention to more rural areas.

This commentary was first published in African Arguments. Read more

IS-held territory will be reconquered – and then?

By Sven Biscop (15-12-2016)

In Commentaries

If Europe cannot engage as a security actor in its own neighbourhood, it will be locked out of the region. Read more

Brexit will not be « the greatest negotiation of all times”

By Franklin Dehousse (14-12-2016)

In Commentaries

After reading another declaration about the titanic nature of the Brexit negotiation, in some kind of Proustian reminiscence, I went back to my childhood. Of course, for children’s eyes all walls are titanic indeed. And as a matter of fact you must be young, and quite inexperienced in negotiations, to believe that Brexit will be the greatest of them all. Read more

Uncertain reform call meets structural rigidities: The EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy in 2016

By Christian Deubner (18-11-2016)

In Commentaries

Christian Deubner assesses how a strengthened and more binding integration of the external security and defence policies of the EU Member States could improve their security in the Union’s more dangerous geopolitical environment. Read more