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Can the British Brexit notification be withdrawn?

By Franklin Dehousse (21-04-2017)

In Commentaries

During the last year, many observers, especially in the United Kingdom, have commented on the possibility of a unilateral withdrawal of the Brexit notification (see for example the recent Edwards/Jacobs/Lever document). After the notification, the topic has resurfaced. Read more

Europe’s “Maginato” Complex

By Sven Biscop (17-04-2017)

In Commentaries

A lasting conversion of President Trump to NATO will be difficult to achieve – and it will not suffice to defend Europe’s interests. Read more

The US and China between dependence and rivalry

By Gustaaf Geeraerts (10-04-2017)

In Commentaries

One should not be surprised at the tensions between China and the US. An emerging power will always engender suspicion on the part of the existing superpower. Read more

The Counterterrorism Yearbook 2017: Europe

By Thomas Renard (06-04-2017)

In Commentaries

2016 proved to be a busy year for CT in Europe as the number of jihadi-related attacks increased and the nature of the threat evolved, with most plots involving ‘home grown’ radicalised individuals, as opposed to foreign fighters. Read more

Two-Speed Europe: Yes, But

By Sven Biscop (06-04-2017)

In Commentaries

Yes to a two-speed Europe if that is the only way to deepen integration, but this does entail some risks.

A Dutch version of this article was published on the website of De Morgen. Read more

France is headed for big trouble. Europe, be warned.

By Franklin Dehousse (23-03-2017)

In Commentaries

We are living through by far the most extraordinary presidential campaign in the history of the Fifth Republic. It began with a shock with President Hollande’s decision to abandon re-election, due to his incredibly low popularity. Read more

The House of Lords’ report on the “Brexit bill” : an extremely dangerous development for the coming negotiation

By Franklin Dehousse (07-03-2017)

In Commentaries

On 4 March 2017, the House of Lords made public a new report about the so-called “brexit bill” – i.e. the final contribution Read more

Mr Fillon is becoming a growing problem for Europe

By Franklin Dehousse (17-02-2017)

In Commentaries

Most comments about the latest developments in the French presidential campaign have concentrated on their internal impact, and this is normal. One must now however underestimate their external impact, because it could become huge. Read more

An appeal to the moderate Trump

By Sven Biscop (17-02-2017)

In Commentaries

Without the EU, there can be no NATO. Can we please sell this message to the US? Read more

The case for more Europe in the Alliance

By Alexander Mattelaer (16-02-2017)

In Commentaries

While NATO has been called obsolete, its current relevance is clear. Without US support, the cost of European security increases dramatically. Europeans therefore cannot continue avoiding the call for more equitable burden-sharing in the NATO alliance.

This article was first published in l’Echo (in French). Read more