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Publications and Calls



Vol. LXVII, Issue 3 (2014)

By Various authors (2015-05-06)

In Studia Diplomatica


  • The growth of transatlantic security cooperation by Frédéric Mérand and Ruben Zaiotti
  • A strategic assessment of NATO’s SMART defence and its implication for Canada by Ian Wood
  • Visa policy, security and transatlantic relations by Rey Koslowski
  • Burden sharing and collective penny pinching within NATO. The implementation of smart defence by Stefanie Von Hlatki
  • International organizations, transatlantic cooperation and the « globalization » of homeland security by Ruben Zaiotti
  • The EU’s comprehensive approach to security. Balance of Fata Morgana?  by Laurens Van Dorpe, Jan Orbie and Karen Del Biondo
  • From ‘second-order’ elections to ‘first-order supranational’ elections. A state of play after the 2014 EU elections by Fabian Willermain

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