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The enlargement of the European Union: opportunities and threats

By Franklin Dehousse, Wouter Coussens (2002-09-13)

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Extract from the next edition of Studia Diplomatica: Introduction, Table of Contents, General Conclusions. For the full text, see: Studia Diplomatica, Vol. LIV, n°4, 2001.

The paper is structured along the following lines. Part 1 describes what has been done so far in the preparation for enlargement, both by the candidate countries and by the EU itself. In part 2, the focus shifts to what still has to be done before the accession negotiations can be concluded. Part 3 assesses the long-term implications of an enlarged Union. Each part is composed of the following chapters: the accession negotiations, EU policies, budgetary matters and institutional matters. In the last part, a special chapter is dedicated to the eastward enlargement of EMU.
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