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An ambivalent transatlantic partnership

By Thomas Renard (2014-03-21)

In Commentaries

Diplomatic relations evolved rapidly. A few weeks ago, tension was palpable between Europeans and Americans, following the Snowden revelations and the infamous ‘F..k the EU’ quote from a US official. Today, Brussels and Washington are united against Russia’s hostile actions in Crimea. The transatlantic partnership could come out stronger from the Ukraine crisis.

Published under the title « ​Le ‘je t’aime, moi non plus’ entre Américains et Européens » in L’Echo on 21/03/2014 (in French)

A translated version was published under the title « Poetin wakkert onbedoeld het trans-Atlantische bondgenootschap tegen hem aan » in De Morgen on 21/03/2014 (in Dutch)

(Photo credit: Flickr)