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Publications and Calls



Egmont papers

The Egmont Papers are the Institute’s working papers, published since 2004 by Academia Press. They are longer pieces, well-argued and documented while remaining policy-oriented. The focus of the series is on European integration, the EU as an international and security actor, and global governance.

European policy briefs

The European Policy Briefs are the short policy papers of the European Affairs Programme, published since 2011. They address relevant issues to Belgian and European policy-makers and offer concrete recommendations.

Africa policy briefs

The Africa Policy Briefs are the short policy papers of the Africa Programme, published since 2009. They address relevant issues to European and African policy-makers and offer concrete and direct recommendations.

Studia diplomatica

The quarterly Studia Diplomatica, founded in 1948 (as Chronique de Politique Etrangère), is published by Academia Press, on behalf of Egmont, since 2011. A fully peer-reviewed yet policy-oriented journal, it brings together insights and expertise from academics, think tanks and practitioners from around the globe.


The Commentaries are shorter pieces focussing on one important issue, aiming at raising public awareness or influencing a policy debate. They are published either directly on the Institute’s website or in external outlets, such as newspapers and blogs.


Researchers of the Institute regularly write books for external publishing houses. They are meant to become milestones in the academic and policy debates.

Other publications

Beyond the in-house formats, Egmont’s researchers regularly publish their findings in external outlets. They can write papers for other think tanks and institutes, as well as contribute to articles and chapters in academic journals and books.

Security policy briefs

The Security Policy Briefs are the short policy papers of the Europe in the World Programme, published since 2009. Based on sharp analysis they offer concrete policy recommendations to Belgian and European policy-makers.

Internationale Spectator

Internationale Spectator  is the Clingendael Magazine on International Relations. Egmont is co-editor of this Dutch language magazine which is available free of charge and is published ten times a year.
From now on the Internationale Spectator, the Clingendael Magazine on International Relations, will only appear in a digital format on www.internationalespectator.nl.

(Photo credit: Internationale Spectator, Clingendael)