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Internal EU policies

Belgium: Support for the UK staying in the EU, but European integration has priority.

By Fabian Willermain (17-06-2016)

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If Britain votes to leave the EU it will have to negotiate its exit and a new post-withdrawal relationship with the EU. Often overlooked in the UK’s debate is the fact that any exit agreement and new relationship will have to be agreed by the remaining 27 EU member states and the European Parliament. read more…

The rise of euroscepticism in the United Kingdom or the failure of Europeanism

By Sophie Heine (17-06-2016)

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The European Union has severely undermined perceptions of sovereignty and it will fail unless EU citizens regain their voice in the policy process. Might a fully-fledged federalist project do that? read more…

Plan B after Brexit – What Britain can expect negotiating a Swiss-type arrangement with the EU

By Cenni Najy, Jacqueline Breidlid (17-06-2016)

In European Policy Briefs

For those wishing to see the UK exit from the EU, Switzerland has become a poster child, an example of how a country outside the EU can retain access to the EU’s internal market, thereby flourishing economically, and yet retaining its sovereignty and independence. read more…

Monday, 4 July 2016

The State of the Union: After the British referendum, what future for the EU ?

High level Conference

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

New Pact for Europe, first National Reflection Group


The first National Reflection Group of the ‘New Pact for Europe’ was organized on the 26 may 2016 at the Castel of Val Duchesse. The next meeting will be in Finland for a transnational debate. read more…

Forgotten lessons for the Eurozone

By John Ryan (11-05-2016)

In European Policy Briefs

A Monetary Union is one where there is a single fiat currency with a single monetary authority (a central bank). It also has a single interest and exchange rate, and a single legal entity responsible for issuing that currency across a geographic area. read more…

The rise of single motherhood in the EU: analysis and propositions

By Sophie Heine (16-03-2016)

In European Policy Briefs

This paper will address a rising issue within the EU – the increase of single parent families. Firstly, we will draw a general picture of the disadvantages faced by single parents and outline the possible causes of this phenomenon. read more…

The UK Referendum: the EU at the Crossroads

By Fabian Willermain, Quentin Genard (16-03-2016)

In Commentaries

The deal reached on the relationship between the United Kingdom and the EU last month was made in the full glare of the spotlight. Prime Minister Cameron has been pushing hard over the past few months to secure ‘a new settlement’ for Britain in Europe.  read more…

How can we enhance our security without damaging our liberty?

By Sophie Heine (21-01-2016)

In European Policy Briefs

How can we reinforce internal security without destroying basic freedoms? This dilemma will become increasingly topical in the context of rising terrorist threats and in view of some of the responses already put in place at the national level. Many observers have pointed out the threat that these measures pose to individual freedom. But few have highlighted their read more…

The EU approach to Gender: Limitations and alternatives

By Sophie Heine (03-12-2015)

In European Policy Briefs

For several decades, the European Union has been at the forefront of significant progress in the struggle towards equality between women and men, among others in the fight against sex-based discriminations. The contemporary read more…