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EU strategy and foreign policy

An appeal to the moderate Trump

By Sven Biscop (17-02-2017)

In Commentaries

Without the EU, there can be no NATO. Can we please sell this message to the US? read more…

Brexit as impetus for a new Europe?

By Alexander Mattelaer (06-02-2017)

In Other publications

The Brexit referendum has triggered a debate on the future of European integration. From a Belgian perspective it is necessary to consider the depth of the relationship we have with the UK, as well as the wider context in which the Brexit negotiations will unfold. All parties have an objective interest in maintaining and deepening the spirit of European read more…

Europe’s post-Brexit retrenchment

By Alexander Mattelaer (30-01-2017)

In Commentaries

After many years of British advocacy of an outward-oriented EU, the prospect of Brexit threatens to leave the continent more introspective and less engaged in world affairs than ever before. Yet there may be a silver lining: the coming period of retrenchment may serve both the UK and the EU as a painful but educational reminder of the importance of European read more…

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Les multiples crises du voisinage menacent-elles le projet européen jusque dans ses valeurs fondamentales ?

Conference Annuelle « Voisinages »

La conférence se concentrera sur la seule question des valeurs européennes read more…

Oratio pro PESCO

By Sven Biscop (23-01-2017)

In Egmont papers

Everybody is talking about Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) – will we finally do it now? And will we get it right? For if PESCO is activated only to launch initiatives that could also have been taken without it, the opportunity will be wasted. To bring real added value, PESCO must be sufficiently ambitious and make the step from cooperation to effective integration in defence. read more…

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Trump administration and US-China relations: The Chinese and European perspectives

Workshop and academic debate 16:00-18:00

With the new US president taking office on 20 January 2017, it is necessary to reflect on the future of US-China relations, and their impact on Europe. During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump criticized China strongly on trade and regional security. He also raised tensions by entertaining a phone conversation with the Taiwanese leader, hence questioning the One-China policy. Whereas his team includes notable hardliners towards China, read more…

A strategy for Europe’s neighbourhood: keep resilient and carry on?

By Sven Biscop (17-01-2017)

In Other publications

While external and regional powers are engaged in fierce geopolitical competition in Europe’s neighbourhood, the EU itself wants to focus on building up the resilience of its neighbours. Not only is it far from clear who is to be made resilient against what where there is no more or less read more…

European defence after Brexit: Flying on one engine?

By Sven Biscop (11-01-2017)

In Commentaries

Come midnight on the eve of Brexit, British tanks will not turn into pumpkins, nor battleships into watermelons. But will Britain still play an active role in security and defence when its leadership is absorbed by the Brexit negotiations? And if not the Franco-British axis, who then will drive Europe’s military engagement? read more…

Optimism and rearmament

By Sven Biscop (06-01-2017)

In Commentaries

At the start of the new year, Sven Biscop desperately tries to remain optimistic.

This article also appeared in a Dutch version in De Morgen on 27 December 2016 read more…

Monday, 27 February 2017

The Military Balance 2017

Book launch from 18:00 - 19:30

Egmont and the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) have the pleasure of inviting you to the Brussels launch of the 2017 Military Balance, with Dr. Bastian Giegerich, Director of Defence and Military Analysis, James Hackett, Editor of The Military Balance and Senior Fellow for Defence and Military Analysis, Douglas Barrie, Senior Fellow for Military Aerospace, and Lucie Béraud-Sudreau, Research Fellow for Defence Economics and Procurement. The event will be chaired by Prof. Dr. Sven Biscop of Egmont.

For more information on the Military Balance see:  http://www.iiss.org/en/publications/military%20balance/issues/the-military-balance-2017-b47b

See flyer.

(Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)