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EU and strategic partners

Europe and China’s New Silk Roads

By Alice Ekman, Frans-Paul van der Putten, John Seaman, Miguel Otero-Iglesias, Mikko Huotari (23-12-2016)

In Other publications

The purpose of this report is to provide a comparative perspective of China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative (OBOR), as seen from the various European Union (EU) member states. It covers the role of OBOR in the relations read more…

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Thinking EU-Central Africa relations beyond the Great Lakes

Conference from 09:00 – 16:30

read more…

The changing global governance landscape: China’s multipronged approach and the EU’s response

By Balazs Ujvari (30-09-2016)

In Other publications

Disenchanted with the scale and slow pace of reforms in global governance, China has been active in utilising its increased economic  and – by extension – political weight to shape global governance. This article argues that China read more…

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Exploring opportunities for enhanced EU-AU cooperation on Transitional Justice

Expert Roundtable from 09:00-18:10

Both the European Union and the African Union have expressed a strong commitment to the promotion of transitional justice and the mechanisms associated with it. On 16 November 2015, the Council of the European Union adopted its Policy Framework on Support to Transitional Justice, while read more…

The Hangzhou G20 summit – what is at stake?

By Balazs Ujvari (29-08-2016)

In Commentaries

On 4-5 September, the city of Hangzhou is set to host the first ever summit of G20 leaders in China. By welcoming G20 leaders for their 11th gathering, read more…

A new agenda?

By Balazs Ujvari (21-06-2016)

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As EU heads of state and government are soon to debate the new European Union Global Strategy, Balazs Ujvari of the Egmont – Royal Institute for International Relations assesses the long-term prospects of the EU’s multilateral agenda. read more…

The Iran nuclear deal: the Iranian and US domestic factors that put its implementation at risk

By Astrid Viaud (14-06-2016)

In Security Policy Briefs

The Iran nuclear deal with E3+3 and P5+1 is not without its detractors. The Iranian Conservative Party, the US Republican Party and Israel disapprove. This policy brief aims to understand the Iranian and US domestic factors that could challenge the implementation of the deal. The 15-year implementation process is likely to be affected by the state-centric Constitution read more…

The EU Global Strategy: going beyond effective multilateralism?

By Balazs Ujvari (10-06-2016)

In Other publications

In this collection of essays introduced by Egmont-EPC Research Fellow Balazs Ujvari, six policy analysts and academics offer their views on the EU’s multilateral agenda. read more…

The European Union and the China-led transformation of global economic governance

By Balazs Ujvari (01-06-2016)

In Egmont papers

This Egmont paper compares the newly created China and BRICS-backed multilateral development banks to the established institutions they seek to mirror while also discovering various paths the EU may follow in its policy towards them. read more…

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The resolution of the Syrian conflict and the European Union

Seminar from 09:00-13:30

Five years hence, the civil war in Syria has caused the death of more than 270.000 people. By loosening the noose around Bachar el Assad’s system, the Russian commitment read more…